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Figure Skating Blades for Beginners

If you’re just getting started with figure skating, you probably have come to realize the importance of having the right gear for getting comfortable on the ice. It’s a hard fall when you do end up horizontal, but having the right blades will help keep you upright and increase your confidence over time. That’s why the ice boot blades below are the perfect option for newbies.

Ice skating for beginners can usually be classified into Freestyle levels 1-3. The introductory blades here offer important features, such as cross-cut picks for a secure position, medium-sized toe picks for easy engagement into the ice and cross-cut rakes for improved stability. With trusted brands like Eclipse, Ultima and John Wilson, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a top-quality product – and for a great price, too!

What’s more, we also offer figure skate sharpening here at Triple Toe Skatewear, so you’ll be ready to hit the ice right away. For the best blades for ice skates out there, check out our selection – and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. You can reach us by email at tripletoeskate@gmail.com or by phone at 630-964-3863.

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Ice Figure Skate Sharpener Figure Skate Sharpening

Get your skates sharpened by a pro. Doris Jepsen has been sharpening skates since 1997, Figure skaters know there's no substitute when it comes to Doris Jepsen's sharpenings! Highly recommended by coaches, skaters, and parents across the nation. We only use a figure skating sharpening machine, never hockey equipment.

Price: $15.00
Ultima Aspire Figure Skate Blade Ultima Aspire Figure Skate Blade

Newly redesigned introductory blade is ideal for the skater who is beginning lessons and learning jumps. Designed to accommodate all basic skills required of the beginner freestyle or dancer.

Price: $90.00
Ultima Aspire XP Figure Skate Blade Ultima Aspire XP Pick Blade

Newest introductory blade with a cross-cut pick. This blade provides a more secure pick position on toe jumps and footwork. Designed to accommodate all basic skills required of the beginner freestyle and dance.

Price: $110.00
John Wilson Majestic Figure Skate Blade John Wilson Majestic Figure Skate Blade

For the most technically advanced blade on the market, there simply is no better choice than John Wilson. Every John Wilson blade is produced using laser technology for unmatched precision on the ice. And John Wilson takes the time to craft its blades from the highest quality steel, coatings and treatments with the utmost attention to detail. It is a commitment to quality that guided us yesterday, remains strong today, and will continue to be there for you tomorrow. Made in England

Price: $145.00
Eclipse Volant Figure Skating Blade Eclipse Volant Figure Skating Blade

Just as Volant means to “take flight,” the Eclipse Volant lets skaters reach new heights. Designed with straight cut rakes to help skaters jump higher and move nimbly across the ice. Medium size toe picks allow for easy engagement into the ice. This beautiful blade is perfect for the advanced instructional or beginning competitive skater.

Price: $149.00
Eclipse Mist Figure Skate Blade Eclipse Mist Figure Skate Blade

The Eclipse Mist is designed for the competitive skater with rising aspirations. The 7 foot radius makes spins easier and graceful movement nearly effortless. Cross cut rakes provide for improved stability. With its precision edges, this is the perfect blade for the versatile freestyle skater.

Price: $224.00
Jackson Ultima
John WIlson