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Achieving an advanced level of figure skating is no small feat. If you’re already there, you know the many hours of time and effort you’ve put into the sport to get where you are. And you also probably know the importance of having a reliable, high-quality pair of figure skating boots to support you as you glide, spin and jump across the ice. If you’re in the market for a new pair of skating boots, look no further than our collection right here.

With advanced figure skate brands like Riedell, Edea and Jackson, we offer only the best of what’s available today. Our 20 years of experience have provided us with a deep knowledge of figure skating so that we can weed out any subpar options.

Whether you’re involved in competitive figure skating or just enjoy challenging yourself on the ice, you’ll love our selection. Most advanced skaters will need a Freestyle 4 figure skating boot or above, but feel free to reach out to us at Tripletoeskate@gmail.com if you’re unsure of which option might be best suited for you. We’re passionate about figure skating and are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Or if you know exactly what you’re looking for, go ahead and order now!

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Ice Figure Skate Sharpener Figure Skate Sharpening

Get your skates sharpened by a pro. Doris Jepsen has been sharpening skates since 1997, Figure skaters know there's no substitute when it comes to Doris Jepsen's sharpenings! Highly recommended by coaches, skaters, and parents across the nation. We only use a figure skating sharpening machine, never hockey equipment. Earn rewards points by buying sharpenings on our website, each dollar spent you earn one point. Ten points equals $1.00 dollar, eventually your points could add up to a free sharpening. If you select the sharpening card option, you will save big when purchasing multiple sharpenings at once. Each sharpening card comes with 5 pre-paid sharpenings, which saves you money. For example, if you purchase 5 sharpenings individually at $15.00 you spend $75.00. If you purchase the sharpening card you only spend $67.50, a $7.50 dollar savings.

Price: $15.00
Jackson Debut figure skating boot Jackson Debut Skate

Jackson Debut DJ2450 Womens Figure Skate Boots. These boots are good for intermediate skaters who are completing single jumps and working on their axel jump. For all skaters seeking greater flexibility, including Dance & Synchro skaters Designed based on our Debut pattern with a lower boot height. Cut resistant Micro Fiber upper which has remarkable flexibility, versatility and strength. Extra wrap over instep provides better fit and security on all widths. Eyelets behind the flex notch locks the heel in place Non- abrasive fabric lining makes initial fit soft and comfortable and is breathable and treated with anti- bacterial properties for odor reduction.Rolled lining eliminates pressure and irritation on tendons above ankles. Swarovski inlaid crystals looks stylish and elegant. Reinforced heel with aluminum plates eliminates sole separation.

Price: $299.95
Edea Chorus Boot Edea Chorus Boot

The EDEA chorus is the stiff construction mid level ice skating boot for ice, and freestyle skating. Ultra light construction with beautiful leather finish outside and perforated microfiber lining. The Chorus is made with revolutionary new ultra lightweight materials, which means that the Chorus is 25% to 45% lighter than comparable skating boots. The Chorus is designed for Mid level ice skating and is incredibly comfortable.

Support: 70 Rigid
Performance: Double Jumps

Price: $436.00
Riedell 910 Flair boot Riedell 910 Flair boot

The distinctive 910 Flair is freshly designed for firm support with less weight. Leather sole, heel and tongue reinforcement. The nickel stud, three-hook lacing pattern with the lace bar enhance flexibility with the needed stability. Low profile cushioned backstay collar, Dri-Lex® lining and fore-foot EVA foam padding create a comfortable fit.

Support: 70 Firm
Riedell skate range:3,4,5

Price: $479.00
Riedell 435 Bronze Figure Skate Riedell 435 Bronze skate

Lighter than ever before, the 435 Bronze Star is designed with firm support and enhanced fit for superb comfort. The Bronze Star is enhanced with double reinforced Tri-Fusion support for durability along with all leather soles and mid-soles for solid foot foundation. Suede microfiber linings provide a beautiful look and an awesome feel. Blades sold separately from the boots on this particular model shown.

Support: 80
Riedell skate range: 3,4,5

Price: $489.00
Risport Dance Boot Risport Dance Boot

This model is specifically designed for dancing and precision. Provides characteristics specifically designed for this specialty. The dance is built with increased flexibility while still providing stability and extreme comfort. Perfect for dance, synchro, and coaches. asymmetrical,new hooks, and many other new features.

Price: $550.00
Riedell 875 Silver Star Skate

The sleek new 875 Silver Star is redesigned for strength and comfort. Double reinforced Tri-fusion provides just the right ankle support. Perforated microfiber lining for smooth comfort and breath-ability. Leather soles with cork heels offer lightweight durability. Comfortable forefoot padding and quilted tongue offers improved comfort.
Support: 90
Riedell skate range: 4,5,6

Price: $579.00
Risport Royal Figure Skate Boot Risport Royal Boot

Built for professionals in the freestyle discipline on ice, and offers technical and aesthetic characteristics that are linked to the discipline. This boot features asymmetrical padding, anatomical padding, Padded rear cuff, thinner women's sole, new tongue, tongue stitching, and Italian leather upper. This boot is ideal for Triple & Quad Jumps, and would work well with Coaches too. Stiffness of this boot is 85.

Price: $600.00
Riedell 1375 Gold skate Riedell 1375 Gold skate

The redesigned 1375 Gold Star shines brightly with refreshed styling, new reinforced tongue design and cork/leather heels. Impact absorbing soles along with double reinforced Tri-fusion uppers for enhanced support. Internal forefoot flex with EVA foam padding and half-inch foam tongue pad enhances comfort and fit. Full grain leather lining provides natural comfort. Blade sold separately.

Support: 95 Extra Firm
Riedell skate range: 5,6

Price: $629.00
Jackson Elite 4500 Figure Skating Boot Jackson Elite 4500 Boot Only

Ready for a great advanced competitive boot? The Jackson Elite 4500 boot features Asymmetric flex points for inside and outside ankle areas, provide better flexibility and support. Extra wrap in ankle area, angled hooks and set back lace holes help secure feet for better stability and control while virtually eliminating lace bite. Features a rolled Top-line for flex comfort, soft collar for less irritation for Achilles tendons, and antibacterial lining made of perforated microfiber for better air flow.

Price: $630.00
Edea Flamenco Boot Edea Flamenco Boot

The EDEA Flamenco is the ultimate skating boot for ice dancing . Moderately stiff dance construction with beautiful leather finish outside and perforated microfiber lining. The flamenco ice is made with revolutionary new ultra lightweight Materials, which means that the Flamenco ICE is 25% to 45% lighter than comparable Skating Boots.The flamenco ice is designed for very high performance Ice dancing and is incredibly comfortable.

Support: 70 Stiff

Performance: All Dance Levels

Price: $639.00
Edea Concerto Boot

The EDEA Concerto is the ultimate skating boot for ice, freestyle, roller large figures,and Inline freestyle roller skating. Ultra Light super tough construction with beautiful leather finish outside and perforated microfiber lining. The Concerto is made with revolutionary new ultra lightweight materials, which means that the Concerto is 25% to 45% lighter than comparable Skating Boots.

Support: 85
Performance: Triple quad jumps

Price: $659.00
Riedell 3030 Aria skate Riedell 3030 Aria skate

Introducing our new lightweight skate, Aria. Advanced, sleek and strong. The micro-internal mid-sole keeps you closer to the ice and reduces weight. Tri-fusion triple reinforcement provides the firmest support. Genuine Kangaroo leather wraps your feet in smooth, supple comfort. Cork mid-soles & heels reduce weight and provide impact absorption. Blades sold separately.
Support: 95-Extra firm
Riedell skate range: 5,6

Price: $699.00
Edea Ice Fly Boot Edea Ice Fly Boot

This boot is a performer! Boot upper in light mesh material and microfiber quarters. Anatomically designed tongue with double padding is designed in the boot for comfort and lace bite protection. New air-tech lining for fast drying and odor protection, Orthopedic foam ankle padding for the maximum comfort. New foot bed system offers improved boot comfort, foot support, and alignment.

Support: 90 Extra Strong

Performance: Triple & Quad Jumps

Price: $749.00
Edea Piano Figure Skating boot Edea Piano Boot

Introducing the Edea Piano, the worlds Finest figure skating boot that's going to be available in March in the United States only at Triple Toe Skatewear. This boot surpasses the Edea Ice Fly, with the latest generation of design, lightness and comfort in the first ‘vegan’ boot in the World. The Edea Piano is the lightest skating boot available, it is made of the latest in innovative materials and represents a turning point in skating and skate technology. Boot upper in light mesh material and microfiber quarters. Tongue reinforced with double padding for comfort and lace bite protection. 2 loops for keeping the tongue in the correct position. New Air-Tech lining for quick drying. Anatomic foam ankle padding for maximum comfort and firm foot positioning. Two-component Dual sole to reduce vibrations. New foot bed system offers improved boot comfort, foot support and alignment.

Support: 95 Extra Strong
Performance: Triple & Quad Jumps

Price: $899.00